Each client and every project is different,

but these elements are common to most successful efforts to attract, engage and expand your audience:
1. Ask the right questions.
2. Conduct relevant research.
3. Apply proven principles.
4. Consider fresh approaches.


The initial question is whether our expertise matches your needs. We will explore a number of issues in a free consultation. If Edward Hershey & Associates can play a meaningful role, we will detail these parameters of our proposed work:
1. Objectives
2. Strategy
3. Time line
4. Budget


Research should precede every project. Communication without it is like surgery with no X-rays. The good news:
1. Research need not be expensive.
2. You may already have some good audience data.
3. We probably have conducted research that will be of help.
4. Asking existing and prospective customers what they think is itself a good marketing practice.


To paraphrase the realty axiom, the three most important factors to consider are usually audience, audience, and audience. We work with clients to identify, engage, and expand audiences. Steps to lead you there:
1. Know thyself.
2. Gauge the market.
3. Plan proactively, don’t fix reactively.
4. Test the results.


The first and worst reaction to many ideas is “but we’ve never done that before.” Does that mean you should? No, but some cultures resist new ideas. We’ll ask:
1. Does the idea respond to a demonstrated need?
2. Is it within your budget?
3. Does it mesh well with your total effort?
4. Can its effectiveness be measured?